Egg Freezing Calculator

If you are considering freezing eggs for the future, first of all let me say - I see you. This could be a happy occasion for you but often it's not. It can be a cancer diagnosis or facing getting older and wanting to have kids but waiting for the right time or the right partner. For all of these reasons, choosing to freeze your eggs can be a difficult one. But, with many large employers now paying for you to do just that, many people are choosing to freeze their eggs.

Here is some good insights that can be found in our book, Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy: An Integrative Approach to Fertility Care.

If you are thinking about egg freezing it is important to consider a few things:

Egg freezing is an empowering option but it is not a guarantee of future success. 

Experience matters when choosing a clinic to freeze your eggs. Do your research and ask questions before you decide where to do your cycle(s).

The number of eggs frozen matters so make a plan with your team. As eggs age, fewer of them will result in live birth so the older you areā€”the more eggs you should freeze.

For example, using the EFCT calculator - a 35 year old woman with 20 mature eggs frozen has a 90% chance of one live birth and a 40 year old woman with 20 mature eggs frozen has a 51% chance of one live birth in the future.

Egg Freezing Counseling Tool