IVF Egg Retrieval Process

IVF can be intimidating, especially the first time (and hopefully there is only one time!). In this post, let's go through the IVF egg retrieval process. 

Dr. Lora Shahine tells us about the IVF egg retrieval process in our book, Planting the Seeds of Pregnancy: An Integrative Approach to Fertility Care:

Egg retrieval. A 15-20 minute procedure in which eggs are gently removed from the ovaries vaginally. In this procedure, a small needle is passed through the top of the vaginal wall under transvaginal ultrasound guidance into each follicle (the fluid sac surrounding the egg). The follicular fluid is drained with gentle suction, and the egg comes with the fluid into a tube. The patient is usually given intravenous medication/conscious sedation during this procedure to keep them comfortable.

Egg retrieval is the culmination of several weeks of taking the pill, ultrasounds, getting your blood drawn and getting injections. The IVF egg retrieval procedure itself is fairly short and hopefully all the effort leading up to egg retrieval was often worth it with a positive pregnancy test (for a fresh transfer) or embryos in the bank for a transfer at a later date.

If you want someone to walk with you through IVF, who can answer your questions and give you information and perspective, then an IVF coach may be for you.