Nourishing the Seed Pregnancy Coaching™

Need someone you can count on to be there with you throughout your pregnancy? Someone who specializes in pregnancy and can help guide you, cheer you on, be a sounding board as you create "your best pregnancy" and help you make the best of your pregnancy? That's a pregnancy coach. 

Whether it is your first or third, let a pregnancy coach join you on that journey! A pregnancy coach can help guide you, offer support and train partners/support people how to help you with acupressure through pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Think of us as your pregnancy personal trainer!

Our Goal: Help you have a happy, healthy, problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby. 

Comprehensive Evidence Based Recommendations:

pregnant woman holding belly
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Nutrition Suggestions
  • Guidance
    • Official question answerer!
    • Referrals as needed
  • Lifestyle Assessment
    • Exercise
    • Sleep
  • Encouragement & Emotional Support
  • Detox (keeping it clean for baby!)

For those of you who struggled to get to this place:

I'm Pregnant After Infertility, Now What?

Who knew after your fertility journey a positive pregnancy test could cause so much anxiety and fear? Your coach knows. It has often taken so long just to get to this point, your pregnancy coach can support you throughout your pregnancy as well. Hopefully then comes the joy of having a baby in your arms. We want that for you.

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