Trying Naturally

basal body temperature chart

Not sure if you are trying at the right time? Ovulation predictor kits don't work for you? What does cervical fluid really feel like? 

You and your fertility coach can work through all of these questions and more. From how (and why) to take your basal body temperature to when is your fertile window, we cover all the fertility basics and then look at your specific situation and customize a fertility plan that works for you. 

We believe as soon as you know you want to become a parent is when you begin to prepare. We call that the preconception period. The preconception period can last years, where you aren’t trying to get pregnant but you make choices based on the fact that you want this body to carry (or contribute to) a healthy pregnancy in the future.

And when you do want to start trying to get pregnant, there is the pre-pregnancy period that ideally should be three months of active preparation for pregnancy. Actively preparing for pregnancy and getting as healthy as possible can increase your chances for success. Your good health will also affect the health of your future child because the health of both parents at the time of conception affects the lifelong health of the child via epigenetics. The pre-pregnancy period is one of the most important periods of your child’s life.

We believe in evidence based and individualized fertility recommendations that cover all aspects of you, your health and wellness in order to increase your chances of success and hopefully conceive and carry a healthy child. And we believe it must be delivered with kindness, compassion and empathy.

The goal is to get you to your most fertile, in body, mind and spirit to help you to create the family you so desire and be the parents that our troubled world so desperately needs.

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